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How long does it take to create a website?

The time it takes to complete a website will depend on the features you need and the details and extention of content to add. However, at the time of having the first contact, an estimate of time can be given.

How will I receive my digital files?

You will receive them by e-mail in differents formats to use them for different purposes.

How many revisions will I receive of a custom work?

When you receive your website I will do until 3 revisions for your website, after that some fees will apply.

Does the price include hosting and domain name?

The domain name and the hosting are not included in the price for my services. I will create and design the website and after that I will do what is needed to link the domain name and hosting with Wix.

How much does it cost to create my website with Cactus Website ?

The price to make your website will vary based on the complexity of the site you need and how long it will take to make it. You can find a first idea of our prices here. It is important to remember that fees for hosting and domain name are not included. Check here updated prices for the different kind of plans. I'll guided you to chose the best for you.

What is a "ONE PAGE" website?

A single or one page website is simply a website that only contains one page to navigate to different destinations on a single page website, navigation links allow to jump to destinations on the page, or scroll down the page to see different sections of content.


Can you cancel or have a refund?

If you accept the quote, there will be a non-refundable deposit fee corresponding to 25% of the total cost. This cost includes the initial set-up costs of the platform. The outstanding amount needs to be cleared before the final handover of the website. After the final payment, you officially become the owner of the website and you can start using it autonomously. The hosting and domain name costs need to be acquired by you and are not included in our quotes. They are not affected by this cancellation policy.
If you decide to cancel your request at any time after accepting the quote, the deposit amount will not be refunded to you and you will loose the right to use the work already done.

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